A SUPPORT TOOL for the management and coordination of firefighter brigades during emergency interventions in large outdoor areas and inside buildings

In order to
enhance safety of firefighters and community
minimize damages in the affected areas/buildings
optimize the use of personnel and equipment
reduce the cost of fire service

Real-time Positioning and Tracking of all firefighters of the team, in open areas and within buildings (also in absence of GPS signal)
No a priori information about the intervention site is required
Tracking information displayed on a map/plan (if available in DB)

Sufficient indoor penetration
Near real-time update rate toward the ICO and the global network
No pre-existent communication structures are required
Heterogeneous data transfer (voice, small data, videos,..)
A set of signal routers (beacons) can be carried by the firefighter and deployed in case of excessive communication degradation

Remote monitoring of heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate available for ICO and firefighter him/herself
Automatic alert generation by out-of-threshold physic parameters
Customizable thresholds for physical parameters

Remote monitoring of environment temperature, temperature evolution, presence of explosive/toxic gases and automatic generation of alarms above a customizable threshold
Enhancement of situational awareness of OCP and firefighter him/herself due to proper sensors measures (e.g., thermal camera)
Global map building from local environment measures

Wear & Forget
Wearable and light devices, Maximum freedom of movement
Devices perfectly integrated in the turnout gear
Automatic functioning
Compatible with operative conditions (high temperature, presence of toxic/inflammable gas...)

Easy to use
Quick Start up (performed in the arrival time)

Easy maintenance and upgrading
Washable and reusable devices

Types of Sensors and devices customized on the type intervention and on the level of performance required
Scalable on the number of brigades and brigade’s components