• WELLNESS - Sport ad Wellnes

  • HEALTHCARE - Prevetion and health care

  • EMERGENCY - Management of crises and emergency

  • TRAINING - Remote Training


•acquisition and viewing of clinical and biomedical data of the patient;
•recovery of biomedical and clinical data across tablets, smartphones, PC, etc.;
•detection of values "out of range" resulting in activation of the alerting systems and data analysis with a view to improve fitness and health;
•video conference system to allow the communication between specialists and patient.

•acquisition, vision and monitoring of patient's vital signs;
•detection of values "out of range" resulting in activation of alerting and data analysis systems;
•diagnosis and related reporting of the patient's disease through a special module that allows the recording of the patient's sensitive data constituting a medical record whose data can be easily exported to any hospital database and / or FSE;
•recovery of the patient's health history through web access credentials;
•the scheduling module: Digital Agenda that allows to facilitate communication between physicians, Care workers and patients.

•acquisition and display of the patient's vital signs in critical emergency situations;
•diagnosis of the patient remotely via video conference communication that allows communication between doctor remotely and operators in the ambulance;
•Recovery of the patient's health history through web access credentials;
•video conference system and remote multipoint collaboration (PC, Mac, Tablet, etc).

•training by the remote doctor directly from the operating room;
•allows multiple videoconferences between large rooms, clinics, operating theaters fostering the growth of research and cutting-edge practices in medicine;
•Multiple video conference that allows you to make more consultations between specialists in medicine, with the possibility of sharing files and images DICOM;
•possibility of access to E-Learning platforms.


The system can be easily integrated with non-medical devices that are not certified, such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, etc. This application is part of a context of Wellness and Health.
The videoconferencing system can be used in the most common hospital areas (outpatient, emergency room, the patient's home). The teleconsultation allows to communicate with the doctor and patient doctor with health workers.
The real time video system allows the doctor's communication with those involved in emergency and critical situations like the ones found on the ambulance / air ambulance and other operators (Fire Brigade and Civil Protection) in case of natural disasters.
Thanks to the video conference system, the doctor may carry out lessons remotely or in a classroom with large capacity directly from the operating room for both groups of students or to consult other medical opinions.

The platform ensures maximum safety levels for the acquired data; It ensures compliance in context Decree 196/2003 - Code on Personal Data Protection - and is state of the art with the guidelines of the Privacy Authority and the Ministry of Health (in particular FSE). The platform can be integrated with :
 standardized medical devices;
 non-medical devices;
 any operating system (Unix, Linux, Android, ...);
 legacy systems such as Accounting, Registry, wallet (this is an example in the field of Insurance);
 PACS systems. The platform is interoperable with the most common standard medical and no-medical:
 HL7