SIGMA CONSULTING Srl was founded in 1996 as Systems Engineering company by a group of highly experienced engineers with a high technical and management skill in the civil and military applications acquired from top technology companies. The Sigma staff is mainly composed by Electronic and Information master degree engineers with 20 years experience in the systems design and integrationfield. Sigma is able to support the Client in all the project lifecycle phases from feasibility study to maintenance.

Sigma fields of experience are:

  • Electronic systems design for Aerospace, Naval and Ground applications.

  • Information and Telecommunications systems design

  • Simulators, MissionPlanners, Missionsupportsystems, Command& Control

  • IntegratedLogisticSupport, Training, Technology Transfers

  • Intelligence, Elint, Comint, Electronic Defense systems

  • Homeland Security, APR based systems

Sigma Consulting is the system integrator and prime contractor of ATEN IS Group and it interfaces the customer for delivering systems, services and solution in the following areas:

  • Electronic Defense

  • Homeland Security and Border control

  • Radar, Sonar, Lidar, Telecommunication systems

  • Intelligence Elint, Sigint

  • Command & Control

  • Infomobility

  • Satellite navigation

  • Microwave, Antennas

  • Ground and sea robots


Between our clients there are: