SIGMA CONSULTING Srl was founded in 1998 by highly experienced engineers with technical and management skills in the civil and military applications acquired from top technology companies. Sigma is composed of Electronic and Information engineers with deep experience in systems design and integration.

Sigma Consulting is an ISO and AQAP certified Company for the design of electronic and ICT systems, Analysis and Simulation, Integrated Logistic Support.

Sigma delivers to Clients products, services and integrated solution in the following areas:

  • Electronic systems design for Aerospace, Naval and Ground applications.

  • Information and Telecommunications systems design.

  • Electronic warfare systems and services.

  • Simulators, MissionPlanners, Mission support systems.

  • Command & Control

  • Integrated Logistic Support, Training, Technology Transfers

  • Intelligence, Elint, Comint, Electronic Defense systems

  • Radar, Sonar, Lidar, Microwave, Antennas

  • Ground and sea robots

  • Satellite navigation, Telecommunication systems

  • Homeland Security, APR based systems & Border Control

  • Smat Cities, Infomobility, Security

  • Smatr Farming

  • Telemedicine

  • Cyber Security & GDPR

Sigma Consulting is the system integrator and prime contractor of ATEN IS Group composet of 35 Hight Tecnology companies of Rome Tecnopolo Area and 4 Primary Research Istitutes: CNR, Roma 1, Roma 2, Roma 3 Universities. SCOPE of Atenis Group is to Develop Integrated Systems for International Market.