Alpi Aviation Partnership for UAV and Civil Platforms

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An Italian Air Force Strix Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sits on the ground in a field in Brekstad, Norway during Unified Vision 14 Trial, May 23, 2014. The Italian UAV is a small electric powered aircraft that is controlled remotely from a Flight Control System that allows transmittal of real time video surveillance feed. (Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Andrew Davis)
As part of NATO's Unified Vision 2014 Trial, members of the Italian Air Force launch a surveillance drone (STRIX, a multi-purpose, man-portable, totally autonomous TUAS) over Oerland, Norway.


Sigma Develops On Board Systems for Homeland Security and Intelligence using the Alpi Aviation Platforms


  • Pioneer 200
  • Pioneer 300 (Sport Flight)
  • Pioneer 330 (Aerobatic)
  • Pioneer 400 (Cruiser)
  • Syton
  • Sixton-A
  • Strix-C


  • IR/Optical Sensor
  • SAR/LIDAR Radar
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