Grafici Antenne-2
Frequency 0.5 to 8 GHz
Connector Type SMA type jack
Power Handling 2 Watt c.w.
VSWR 4.5:1 maximum.   < 1.4 :1 above 1 GHz.
Gain -6.5 to 1.4 dBiL
Axial Ratio  < 2 dB (above 1 GHz)
3dB Beamwidth 48 to 139 degrees
10dB Beamwidth 112 to 176 degrees
Squint < 10 degrees
Maximum Size 152 mm diameter x 120 mm long
Weight 570 g nominal
Construction Aluminium and engineering plastics

4 holes tapped M5 x 7.5 mm deep,

137.2 mm pitch circle diameter

Typical Antenna Gain / Factor

This is calculated by reference to standard gain horn antennas, and cross checked with reference to the antenna beamwidth, with an estimated error of +/- 0.8dB.

Patterns measured using a linear source antenna , Horizontal / Vertical refers to the polarisation of the source horn.

 On patterns the Red & Black trace  = Horizontal polarised source, Green & Blue trace = Vertical polarised source

Pattern Cut Definition

Patterns are measured using a linear source antenna. The polarisation refers to the electric field polarisation of the source antenna.

Horizontal Cut (Cut 1) Vertical Cut (Cut 2)

Antenna viewed from back

Horizontal source polarisation                                                                           Vertical source polarisation


Grafici Antenne-4A

On the typical antennas patterns shown above the :

  • Red trace  = Sweep with horizontal source polarisation and antenna under test in horizontal cut (cut 1)
  • Blue trace = Sweep with vertical source polarisation and antenna under test in horizontal cut (cut 1).

Pattern Squint.

Grafici Antenne-4B
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