SIGMA CONSULTING SRL actively collaborates in research and development with universities and research institutes such as; CNR – IAC Institute for the Applications of Automatic Calculation and SBAI – Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering – “La Sapienza University of Rome” – UNIROMA2 Torvergata – Department of Automation – UNIROMA3 – Automatic Department of Robotics, to develop projects for organizations national and European.

SIGMA CONSULTING Srl (is a leading company) of the ATEN IS Group of 41 SMEs:

A3R – ADPM srl – AMES Group srl – ARANEA – ATEN IS srl – BLU LAB srls – BLUE THREAD srl – CNR- National Research Council – IAC – Institute for the Applications of Automatic Calculation – CYBERMARCONI srl DIAN Srl – D3D – DUNE Sistemi srl – EVOELECTRONICS srl – FALCONLOG srl – GLOBAL SENSING srl – HYDRONE –INFO SOLUTION spa – INNOVA Consortium for Informatics and Telematics srl – INTECH MICROWAVES srl –INTERSYSTEM – ISMACO – LABOR srl – LDB – Laboratories of the Brand Art Italia srl – MICROSIS – NEURAL RESEARCH QUANTA spa – SAMA Sistemi srl – SDS – Systems Development & Support S.r.l. – SUPERELECTRIC – SIGMA CONSULTING srl –SPACEEARTH Techology srl – SPACEEXE srl – SUPERELECTRIC – THE ROUND – UAS – Umbria Aerospace Systems S.r.l. –UNIDATA SpA – URBY ET ORBIT srl – WAVE Advanced Technology Applications s.r.l. – WICODE.

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