S3T Platform

S3T Platform


With a technological infrastructure that enables the implementation of advanced services for the management, monitoring and resolution of emergency events.

Using different technology components that combine to create advanced low cost services. GPS installed on a vehicle or worn by operating personnel can verify that a vehicle is in the area affected by the assigned event. HOW TO USE a heart rate sensor The sensor detects a vehicle presenceUsing a vehicle sensor Temperature sensorThe sensor detects non-standard temperatures The use of a sensing sensor for the sensor detects the presence of pollution levels outside Normal If you do not know where the operator is in the area, the two systems together (GPSD + SENSORS) can provide a complete service for the generator One of the alarms and notices the services the S3T platform can support are: Define the “zone dynamically “Across the territory with different levels of access. Implement these SW zones without these infrastructures Implement advanced scheduling services that take into account the dynamics of access rights to the state and zone of SystemControlDare real-time responses and messages to local operatorsUse Low Cost SystemsMemorise all events for analysis, Validation after validationExpand new services At an unspecified time In some of the possible “things” S3T are: Vehicles: GPSI devices of unmanned vehicles The smartphone: GPS, accelerometer steam moisture humidity thermometer gyros.

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