EW Simulator for training of Air Force’s ground and flying personnel

Developed in collaboration with the Italian Air Force, the SADEC suite provides a complete set of tools for the EW training of the ground and flying personnel.

The system is structured in modules, each available as stand-alone applications and also as components of the fully integrated system for achieving the most completed package of tools and functionalities, including:

  •         generation of an Electronic Order of Battle (EOB)
  •        training on airborne EW equipment
  •        training on execution of countermeasures and counter-countermeasures operation from the aircraft
  •        debriefing of the exercises

GROUND STATION: EW scenario planning and EOBs generation

The Ground Station is the SADEC’s sw module for planning of complex EW scenarios and generation of Electronic Orders of Battles (EOB).

Threats high configurability and detailed documentation, wide set and easy-to-use planning tools, along with many cartographies included, make the system a powerful planning tool but also an useful elements for trainees in Tactical and Intelligence doctrine

  •        Wide platform, sensor and weapon library
  •        Configurable threats parameters
  •        Integration of Tactical Elements (e.g., ACOs, ATO, SPINS, NOTAMs,..)
  •        Large set of planning facilities (Line of Sight, Area of Sight, Radar’s ranges,..)
  •        Several cartographies
  •        Runtime simulation
  •        Debriefing

EWSIM: Onboard EW simulation

EWSIM is the onboard station of the SADEC system which simulates the behavior of the EW airborne equipment of some aircrafts.

It provides the pilots with a form and function emulation of the associated EW panels as in the real aircraft cockpit

The onboard station can be carried onboard without requiring any modification on the aircraft structure and any interference on the airborne devices.

  •         Available EW models: RWR/ESM, AECM, LWR, MWR/MAW, CFD
  •        Form & Functions EW panels emulation for C130J, Tornado fighter, EFA Eurofighter

Applications/ End Users

Designed with and for training of Air Force personnel, applications can be:

  •    Air Force
  •    Navy
  •    Civil Aviation

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