Smart Farming

Smart Farming


Project ClinAIR Tech – Clean Indoor Air Technologies

Avviso pubblico «LIFE2020» , Det. N. G08726 del 29 luglio 2016

POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020  –  Progetti Integrati

Domanda prot. nr. A0112-2016-13380 del 13/12/2016

CUP nr. F87H18000350007

The ClInAIR-Tech project intends to develop a building automation system based on patented methodology and algorithm to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) with preventive management of the cleaning processes of HVAC-conditioning systems. With an innovative data acquisition device (fine powders, humidity, temperature), an advanced polymer foam filter and a CLINAIR web platform, it will improve the IAQ by assessing and preventing non-invasive cleaning of plant filters and pipelines HVAC.


Project COURIER – COUntering RadIcalism InvEstigation platform

Avviso Pubblico “Aerospazio e Sicurezza” Det. n. G13676 del 21/11/2016  – POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020 – Progetti integrati

Domanda prot. nr. A0113-2017-13652 del 31/01/2017

CUP nr. F83G17000860007

In a context that sees the propaganda actions of terrorist associations, we want to develop a decision support system for Intelligence agencies and police forces starting from the analysis of the “surface” and deep / dark internet contents through tools able to elaborate in effective way these data, in order to issue operational directives quickly and with a high degree of reliability. The aim of the system is to bring out “early warnings.” The display modes will be on a geographical map, in order to allow a geo-referencing of the events extracted from the contents.


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