Projects MISE L. 808/85

Projects MISE L. 808/85

DM 03/07/2015


Turbo propeller P550 Cruiser aircraft

Sensor and SW development for a Sense & Avoid system in the construction of a 4-6-seater turbo  propeller aircraft, flow cost but endowed with innovations

pushed to maximize the performance and safety of the crew.

Code question 2014-N-0453-C

Approved with protocol NR: 0142368 of 11/08/2015

Financed by decree 1680/2015 in date 11/12/2015

Partner companies:

Alpi Aviation S.R.L. (lead)

A3R S.R.L.

Infosolutions S.p.A.


Advanced Rear Cabin Training Simulator (A-RCT-SIM)

Design and Realization of a series of individual training aidsand team  crewing aircraft in rescue operations and the most specific 

Search and Rescue operations (SAR):  three Flight training Devices (FDT) for Driver,  the device and sensor attendant  and the verricellista operator.

Code question 2017-N-0864-C

Approved with protocol NR: 18231-of 11/01/2018

Financed by decree 23/10/2018 in date 13/04/2018

Partner companies:

Aerodevelopments S.R.L. (lead)