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Sigma Consulting Srl is an Italian Integrated Systems company founded in 1998 by electronic engineers experienced in the field of electronic warfare and designers in Integrated Electronic Systems and ICT for the avionics, naval and land sectors. Technical team consists of electronic and computer engineers, experts in the design and integration of high-level systems, with technical and management skills in the military and civil sector at national and international level.

SIGMA CONSULTING is a certified company that operates in an ISO 9001: 2015 and AQAP certified management system applicable to “electronic design and ICT systems, development, integration, analysis and simulation and integrated logistic support of hardware and software systems in the avionics, naval and terrestrial “.

Given the continuous evolution of the market, being chosen and appreciated means standing out for efficiency, quality and performance. The quality of our services is always the result of our commitment, professional ability, and organization which must guarantee safety, reliability, completeness and conformity of the services offered.
To achieve these objectives, Sigma Consulting establishes and maintains its Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, so that it is the backbone of the Company’s management system.
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    Sigma has twenty years of experience in applications related to national security, with products such as SADEC, EW & Intelligence, territory control, Command & Control, Flight simulators and radar, Simulation and Training Systems, Electronic Defense Equipment for platform air, marine and land, SIGINT systems (SIGnals INTelligence), Integrated Systems for Territory Security and Border Control, etc. Not surprisingly, these are the products related to its core business (aerospace, defense, military) that allowed the company to have strong collaborations at national level and enter foreign markets. Over the years, Sigma has diversified its offer, designing, developing and integrating civil application systems that exploit the combination of ICT and IoT technologies in new application domains characterized by strong growth. Sigma’s main Smart Solutions are as follows:

    • Smart Farming
    • Telemedicine and Biomedical Tools
    • Decision support systems for emergency management (Integrated Systems to support the operations of rescue and first emergency operators such as Fire Brigade, Civil Protection)
    • Smart Cities
    • Systems for monitoring the quality of the air and the environment
    • Systems for monitoring the movement of trees
    • Systems for the enhancement of cultural heritage

    Other important fields of expertise are: Integrated Logistic Support, Inertial and GPS Navigation, Training and technology transfer to foreign customers, Database Management, Project Management.


    Since 2015, Sigma has started a policy of commercial agreements with companies from emerging countries, creating an international network of contacts. The markets that have been opened in abroad mainly the countries of Asia and Latin America, in which Sigma (also in support of the ATEN IS network) is present both with its sales representatives, consultants and through agreements with local companies, cooperation in projects or Marketing audit. Sigma has an even more direct presence in countries such as Brazil and Mexico (where it has established offices) and in Ecuador, through its local representatives.









    SIGMA CONSULTING Srl is the leading company of the ATEN IS Group of 41 SMEs


    Since 2018 we have been partners with IMBEL – BRAZILIAN STRATEGIC DEFENSE COMPANY


    SIGMA actively collaborates in research and development with universities and research institutes

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