ICANP – Integrated Cultural Analysis Neural Platform

Project name: ICANP – Integrated Cultural Analysis Neural Platform

Synthetic name:ICANP

Grant application: Protocollo PROSA num. 32890 del 30/04/2019

CUP Code: F14B20000100007

Avviso Pubblico Determinazione – numero G17244 del 20/12/2018, “Bando Impresa fa cultura”, “POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020 azione 3.3.1b” .

Atto di Impegno firmato in data 07/07/2020 e schede costi ammessi

Project Description

The project consists in the creation of an integrated platform (and app) able to offer a series of services for the USE and ENHANCEMENT of the LOCAL CULTURAL HERITAGE OF MUSEUMS and ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREAS and specific points of interest, as well as for the promotion of events using innovative technologies. Based also on augmented reality technology, the platform acts as a dynamic tool that allows a pervasive vision of cultural heritage aimed both at the INTERCONNECTION between users and contents, their DIGITIZATION, classification, and TOURISTIC PROMOTION.


The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • The enhancement of the cultural sites of the Castelli Romani and Prenestini area;
  • The promotion of events and artistic performances, through new technologies;
  • The strengthening of networking between the structures and at an international level with repercussions on the local business system;
  • The priority enhancement of cultural assets that need tourism development and increase in visitors;
  • Creation of a local tourism brand with the involvement of local quality craftsmanship and entrepreneurial activities in the hotel and restaurant sector.
Enhanced Cultural Places
  1. Museo Tuscolano presso le Scuderie Aldobrandini di Frascati

  2. Museo di Palazzo Doria Pamphilj di Valmontone

  3. Museo del giocattolo presso Palazzo Rospigliosi di Zagarolo

  4. Museo Casa Natale Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina di Palestrina

Time of realization

12 months


 € 114,171.50