ASDX 2019

Amazon Security and Defense Exhibition

Amazon Security and Defense Exhibition (ASDX)

After the success of the two editions of the “Seminarrio Internacional de Operações na Selva SIOPSELVA” (Manaus, Amazonia) and the largest humanitarian logistics exercise ever carried out in Latin America “AMAZONLOG” (Tabatinga, Amazonia), events in which the ATEN IS Network participated through Sigma Consulting, the trade fair experiences come together to create a single event focused on the Amazon: Amazon Security and Defense Exhibition (ASDX).

Opportunities in the Amazon

ASDX is an international event in which issues of central importance in the field of safety, infrastructure, environment and sustainable development of the Amazon region will be discussed, an area at the center of national strategic planning for the coming years.

In particular, the Amazonian Regional Development Plan for the three-year period 2020-2023 includes the implementation of the following actions:

encourage projects and programs aimed at developing high-tech industrial sectors, including aerospace;
to foster the development of the national defense industry through technology transfer;
promote public-private partnerships (PPPs) for broadband deployment;
encourage the construction, renewal, modernization and expansion of ports, airports and railways for the transport of goods and passengers; modernize and build new federal and state highways; make the waterways practicable and expand;
modernize and expand radio frequency and satellite data communication networks;
promote integrated health strategies 4.0;
promote the development and application of technologies to protect biodiversity and environmental sustainability;
to stimulate the development and adoption of renewable energy sources for industry;
implement a policy focused on agriculture 4.0.

What ASDX offers

During the fair, in-depth seminars will be organized on issues related to the defense and protection of the Amazon, in which decision makers and sector experts from public security forces, public institutions, universities and research centers, government agencies and foreign delegations will participate. .

National and international companies will present innovative solutions focused on technologies aimed at monitoring the territory, internal security and borders, management and response to emergencies, environmental protection, energy, agriculture.

Why participate

For Italian companies, the event will be an opportunity to learn about and explore the strategic investment programs and commercial opportunities in Brazil.

Participation in ASDX is part of an internationalization process initiated for years by the ATEN IS Network and by SIGMA CONSULTING, which has led to a deep knowledge of the Brazilian market and the identification of the main partners, stakeholders and potential customers.

The participating companies will take advantage of the presence on the territory of the commercial representative PROSPECTARE BRASIL with whom ATEN IS has developed a solid network of qualified contacts and has signed framework agreements with important local companies.

Where and when

ASDX will be held from 12 to 14 November 2019 in the city of Belém, capital of the State of Pará, the second of the Brazilian states for territorial extension and largely occupied by the rainforest and the Amazonian delta.