R.o.m.e. Digital HUB


Rome Digital HUB – High Tech Innovation Center

R.O.M.E. Digital Hub, belonging to the network of the EDIHs, is a coordinated group of entities with complementary expertise whose services are designed to accelerate the digital transformation. The Hub is conceived with the aim of responding to the digital needs of the SMEs allowing them to approach to innovative and affordable solutions with a direct improvement in terms of competitiveness, but also for the PSOs with a direct positive impact on the citizens themselves.

R.O.M.E. Digital HUB (ROME HUB), the main international Research, Innovation and Marketing Center of Rome is located in the Rome city High Tech park.
ROME HUB has been created by 3 Promoters:
Tecnopolo Spa: Technological Park of Rome city with 150 industries.
Sigma Consulting representing ATEN IS Group: 50 Hi Tech companies
Tor Vergata: II University of Rome city

In June 2022 ROME HUB received a “Seal of Excellence” from European Community as it was recognised as a high-quality group in a highly competitive evaluation process.

European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Program

• The European Digital Innovation UBS will support SMEs and PSOs to improve their skills by testing and implementing latest digital technologies. The needs covered by the R.O.M.E. Digital Hub service catalogue are the key technologies:
• High Performance Computing (HPC),
• Cybersecurity (CS) and
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

as well as Advanced Digital Skills (ADS) such as:
• Internet of Things (IoT),
• Blockchain and
• Computer Vision/AR.

ROME HUB Excellences

ROME HUB provides all the Technologies required by EDIH Program
ROME HUB is composed of 26 Partners (19 Companies and 7 Universities) that cover all Italian regions
ROME HUB has already established a strategic partnerships with 8 Italian HUBS and 6 european HUBS.
ROME HUB has partnerships in the worldwide market accessed through ATEN IS cooperation.

R.O.M.E. mission

To drive the Europe’s digital transformation offering the most innovative digital technologies and services as follows.

Test before invest
– AI for Smart Farming
– AVATAR (Artificial Vision lArge ranspor infRastructures)
– SIP (Smart Infomobility Platform)
– PEOPLE (Planning sErvice fOr last mile transport of people)
– Smart utilities and metering
– SME Cyber-Check
– Sistema Maestro
– SNAKE (SemaNtic And Knowledge Extraction)
– Screevo
– Advanced Digital Fabrication Process Testing
– TinyML Testing

Training and skills development
– AI based E-Health Innovations
– Cybersecurity and data protection
– Digital Twin and sustainable digital ecosystems
– Cybersecurity based on AI
– Digital Twin Development in an Urban Planning Framework
– AI for Multispectral Imaging
– HPC for productive processes
– Digital systems design for data processing and classification
– Image Processing and Computer Vision
– Innovation and Digital Transformation Manager for SMEs
– Public Innovation Manager for PSOs
– Data management master
– Open innovation masterclass
– AI and Big Data
– Quantum Computing

Support to find investments
– SME access 2 finance
– Access to financial institutions and investors

Networking and access to innovation ecosystems
– Awareness raising
– Research-Business Link and B2B Networking Service
– Networking for SMEs
– Building and management of Innovation Ecosystems
– Digitalization processes and knowledge transfer
– Technology transfer and testing of connected systems