Emergency management platforms

Cloud System for supporting and managing emergencies

Emergency Management

It is a Cloud System for supporting and managing emergencies, directed to Fire-Fighters, rescue service teams, relief specialized teams, police etc…

emergency management platforms

Enhance safety of firefighters and community

Minimize damages in the affected areas/buildings

Optimize the use of personnel and equipment

Reduce the cost of fire service

  • Real-time Positioning and Tracking of all firefighters of the team, in open areas and within buildings (also in absence of GPS signal).
  • No a priori information about the intervention site is required.
  • Tracking information displayed on a map/plan (if available in DB)
  • Sufficient indoor penetration
  • Near real-time update rate toward the ICO and the global network
  • No pre-existent communication structures are required
  • Heterogeneous data transfer (voice, small data, videos,..)
  • A set of signal routers (beacons) can be carried by the firefighter and deployed in case of excessive communication degradation
  • Remote monitoring of heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate available for ICO and firefighter him/herself
  • Automatic alert generation by out-of-threshold physic parameters
  • Customizable thresholds for physical parameters
  • Remote monitoring of environment temperature, temperature evolution, presence of explosive/toxic gases and automatic
  • Generation of alarms above a customizable threshold
  • Enhancement of situational awareness of OCP and firefighter him/herself due to proper sensors measures (e.g., thermal camera)
  • Global map building from local environment measures


  • Wearable and light devices, maximum freedom of movement
  • Devices perfectly integrated in the turnout gear
  • Automatic functioning
  • Compatible with operative conditions (high temperature, presence of toxic/inflammable gas…)
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-configurable
  • Quick Start up (performed in the arrival time)
  • Easy maintenance and upgrading
  • Washable and reusable devices
  • Types of Sensors and devices customized on the type intervention and on the level of performance required
  • Scalable on the number of brigades and brigade’s components

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