Customized solutions for Real-Time analysis of indoor and outdoor air quality

sistema di monitoraggio modulare, configurabile e adattabile

Modular and configurable monitoring system is adaptable to any indoor and outdoor environment

Monitoring of harmful substances with internal and external sensors

All systems allow you to monitor and control the air; real-time, with complete data history, remote operations, access sharing, building management, HVAC control, push notifications.

Remote measurement

The system is controlled by a web platform that implements the management of all devices and data analysis that allows you to assess the risk level of indoor pollution and to optimize intervention times.



Public and Private Offices




Fine Powders (PM1-PM2,5-PM4-PM10)

Wood and Metal Powders

Welding fumes

CO2 - COV - CH4

Temperature and Humidity



Multisensory monitoring of indoor and outdoor air quality

Innovative solutions for real-time air quality monitoring and thermal comfort management for any type of indoor space, public and private, from the home to the office, from school to hotel, from hospital to transport.
In real time, the air situation is monitored and checked anywhere and at any time, from your computer or mobile phone


godair gas


Real-time analysis of indoor and outdoor air quality.

This product is able to detect harmful substances measured by special data acquisition devices including sensors that detect toxic gases and fumes, harmful substances, formaldehyde, organic compounds, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, pressure and humidity. The system, configurable and adaptable to any environment.


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