Frequency 0.5 to 8 GHz
Connector Type SMA type jack
Power Handling 2 Watt c.w.
VSWR 4.5:1 maximum.   < 1.4 :1 above 1 GHz.
Gain -6.5 to 1.4 dBiL
Axial Ratio  < 2 dB (above 1 GHz)
3dB Beamwidth 48 to 139 degrees
10dB Beamwidth 112 to 176 degrees
Squint < 10 degrees
Maximum Size 152 mm diameter x 120 mm long
Weight 570 g nominal
Construction Aluminium and engineering plastics

4 holes tapped M5 x 7.5 mm deep,

137.2 mm pitch circle diameter

Typical Antenna Gain / Factor

This is calculated by reference to standard gain horn antennas, and cross checked with reference to the antenna beamwidth, with an estimated error of +/- 0.8dB.

Patterns measured using a linear source antenna , Horizontal / Vertical refers to the polarisation of the source horn.

 On patterns the Red & Black trace  = Horizontal polarised source, Green & Blue trace = Vertical polarised source

Pattern Cut Definition

Patterns are measured using a linear source antenna. The polarisation refers to the electric field polarisation of the source antenna.

Horizontal Cut (Cut 1) Vertical Cut (Cut 2)

Antenna viewed from back

  • Red trace  = Sweep with horizontal source polarization and antenna under test in horizontal cut (cut 1)
  • Blue trace = Sweep with vertical source polarization and antenna under test in horizontal cut (cut 1).