What is Smart Farming? 

Smart agriculture is application of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture such as:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Geo-positioning systems (GPS)
  • Big Data
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones)
  • Ground Robot

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Smart Farming with Drones

economic benefits

Reduction of machinery, maintenance, fuel and lubricant costs by up to -60%

Reduction of labor costs up to -25%

Reduction of fertilizer costs up to -20%

Reduction of pesticide and insecticide costs by up to -30%

Reduction of water consumption and irrigation costs up to -25%

Increase productivity up to + 20%

Increase gross income up to + 20%

Increase profit up to + 30%

Ground robot usage in smart farming

Management and Operational Benefits

Simplification and improvement of business management and decision support

Simplification of company compliance with biological, health and quality certifications and regulations

Simplification and optimization of the logistics management of agricultural machinery

Improvement of soil knowledge and its agronomic characteristics

Accurate crop estimation and maximization yields in all soil sectors

Accurate weather and wind forecasts

Reduction of man/hours of work, stress and physical load for manual operations

Smart Farming Robot da terra

Environmental Benefits

Improvement of physical and organic soil quality

Production quality improvement

Elimination of infesting plants (weeds)

Reduction of waste of water, fertilizers, fertilizers and pesticides

Reduction of harmful emissions, environmental impact and health risks

Reduction and prevention of crop diseases and rapid identification of diseased plants

Preservation and improvement of biodiversity


Agricultural machinery

  • Assisted or semi-automatic driving

  • Navigation and satellite geo-localization tools

  • Detection and dispensing sensors

  • Rotary wing drones for precision operations

Self-powered fixed stations

  • Detection of characteristics and hydrometric and organic state of soil and crops

  • Detection and forecasts for weather and winds

  • Accurate crop estimation

Spectrographic mapping of soils and crops

  • High resolution satellite images (15cm – 10m)

  • Weather forecast from satellite

  • Fixed and rotating wing drones for very high resolution images (1cm – 10cm)

  • Detection of characteristics and hydrometric and organic state of soil and crops

  • Variable rate analysis of soil and crop productivity

  • Variable rate analysis of the water and nutritional needs of soils and crops

  • Detection of health status and presence of pests and diseases plant by plant

  • Accurate crop estimation

Control center and decision support

  • Tips on the most suitable times and measurements for carrying out agricultural operations (pruning, sowing, irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide administration)

  • Real-time alerts on the health and nutritional status of soils and crops

  • Real-time alerts on the presence of diseases and infestations

  • Application of differentiation strategies in the application of fertilizers and pesticides based on variable rate analyzes

  • Application of irrigation reduction and differentiation strategies based on variable rate analyzes

  • Weather and wind forecast communication

  • Accurate crop estimation

  • Management tools available to the operator (software, iPad, etc.)

Robotic and self-guided machinery for agricultural operations

  • Robot for harvesting operations

  • Robot for pesticide administration operations

  • Rotary wing drones for pesticide administration operations

Personalized advice from specialized agronomists

  • Analysis of crop and soil type (s) and exposure

  • Analysis of the client’s needs and objectives

  • Analysis of production and prescription spectrographic maps

  • Suggestion on the strategy and means of precision agriculture to be adopted based on the characteristics of the soil and crops and the analysis of spectrographic maps

Training on the use of the tools and means provided by the agricultural staff in charge

Why do we need Smart Farming?

The main objective of smart agriculture is to help agricultural production through creating a decision making support system. This system analyses and examines resources, external factors such as weather, climatic conditions and other environmental factors to increase the production and quality of agricultural products. Moreover, through using the precision farming technologies farmers can decrease production cost and failure rates. Also, precision farming helps farmers to have more productive and sustainable agricultural production. smart agriculture adds value in the form of better decision making or more efficient exploitation operations and management.

Components of Precision Farming

  • Remote Sensing: Data Acquisition

  • Geo Localization: Overlay maps, GIS technology

  • Autonomous Machines: Host sensors  (soil, water, light, humidity, temperature management, etc.) and actuators

  • Decision Support System: Implements models and automatic rules, assists in strategic decision-making

  • Wireless communication

  • Big Data storing infrastructures

Sigma has participated as an industrial partner to the Project PANTHEON, successful project for the health of FERRERO‘s hazelnuts.

The PANTHEON H2020 project is a project funded by the European Commission as part of the Framework Horizon 2020 project.

Inspired by the real needs of the partner FERRERO, the project aims to define a new paradigm for precision farming of hazelnut orchards


  • Monitoring of agricultural fields
  • User friendly decision support
  • Integrated agricultural management system

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Sigma Consulting Srl processes the data you provide in compliance with the 2016/679 EU Regulation and what is stated in the Privacy policy.
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